Get Involved

ULI NNJ is a member-led organization committed to providing high-quality programs and projects to northern New Jersey land use professionals. Members can get involved by attending any of our local events or by becoming active with one of our local committees.

Get Involved

The District Council offers area land use professionals the opportunity to network with peers, dialogue on common issues and find resources for their practice. Members interact by attending or speaking at our many Events, actively join one of the Committees (see below), become a District Council Sponsor Sponsorship and/or serve on a TAP,  the Advisory Board or Management Committee.


Awards Committee:
Co-Chairs – Brian Whitmer &
Michael Lachs
DC members plan and execute yearly NNJ Excellence Awards celebrating the best in NNJ real estate in a variety of award categories that comport with the ULI mission.

Suburban/Urban Marketplace Committee:
Chair – Brian Whitmer
DC members plan and execute a bi-annual full day event dedicated to the unique redevelopment challenges facing NJ’s smaller towns and cities.

WLI Committee:
Co-Chairs – Heather Kumer  & Amanda Forsburg

DC members look to advance the role of women in the real estate development community.

City Exchange Committee:
Chair – Brian Whitmer

DC members plan and execute a series of “field-trips”and/or initiatives whereby they can learn best practices from neighboring DC’s/Cities/locales.

Tri-State Land Use Committee:
Co-chairs –  Eric Rothman & Anne Studholme

The Tri-State Land Use Council A regional partnership that provides elected and public officials with a nonpartisan platform for networking, learning, collaborating, and action addressing issues related to land use policy, urban and suburban growth, economic development, housing, transportation, and market trends. Participation will be offered exclusively to mayors, city managers, and other appropriate elected representatives and public officials in planning, economic development, housing, and transportation who serve within the New York metro region.

Creative Placemaking Committee:
Chair – Jim Constantine

DC members plan and execute a series of events and/or initiatives focused on creative placemaking techniques and best practices.

Business Development Committee:
Co-Chairs – Tony Ianuale & Joe Yannucci

DC membership and sponsorship efforts combine to formulate new opportunities to further advance the mission of ULI.

Affordable Housing Committee:
Chair – Tom Trautner

DC Members plan and execute a series of events and/or initiatives focused on affordable housing in the state of NJ.

Got an Idea for a Program? Let us Know!

Take a look at the timeline for event planning and email Mara Winokur and she will send you an Event Planning Form to get started.


Young Leaders Committee Member:
Established in 2003, the Young Leaders Group was conceived as an opportunity to bring together ULI members under age 35 and strengthen their relationship and involvement with the organization. Young Leaders Groups exist in District and National Councils around the globe, building a network of members who help one another navigate the industry.

Speaker at a District Council Event:
With over 1,500 events held annually across 54 locations worldwide, District Council programs engage members on the local level by hosting educational forums, convening events such as special initiative conferences, and providing industry expertise to community leaders.

Technical Assistance Program Panelist:
Technical Assistance Program panels (TAPs) are part of the ULI Advisory Services program and are implemented by District and National Councils. Panelists join a team of local leaders to provide expert, timely, candid, and unbiased input to help the subject community resolve local real estate and land use issues over the course of a one- or two-day panel.

District Council Chair:
The Chair represents the District Council at ULI events, populates and oversees its Advisory Board and Management Committee, and is responsible for the direction and management of the District Council staff and contractors.

District Council Chair for Mission Advancement:
The Chair serves as a liaison between the District Council and ULI global offices by assisting in the creation of the annual program of work and ensuring that ULI best practices, policies, and programs are integrated into the District Council’s activities and outreach.

District Council Management/Advisory Board Committee Member:
Committee members are active local industry leaders with a deep understanding of the mission and priorities of ULI responsible for the oversight and direction of all District Council activities and serves as the Chairs or Co-Chairs of the various Sub-Committees

District Council Treasurer:
The Treasurer provides oversight and fiscal management of the District Council by creating the annual budget in conjunction with ULI staff, approving expenditures, and providing the District Council with regular updates on its financial position.

District Council Committee Member:
With over 54 locations in the Americas, District Councils deliver the ULI mission at the local level. They engage members by developing ULI priority programs, hosting educational forums, convening events such as special initiative conferences, and providing industry expertise to community leaders.

District Council Sponsor:
The activities of District Councils are largely made possible by the generous contributions of corporate sponsors. District Council sponsors have access to and visibility among their region’s top real estate, construction, design, and development thought leaders.