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Urban Land articles from the Spring Meeting

Online Models for Community Engagement EmergeWhile public hearings aren’t going away, two companies talked about how they are helping developers and civic leaders get input from community members at the 2013 ULI Spring Meeting.

Culture of Innovation Comes From Cities Large and SmallWhile innovation is often associated with Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry or New York City’s financial giants, programs like Google Fiber and incubators are bringing growth to cities like Portland and Kansas City, according to panelists at the 2013 ULI Spring Meeting in San Diego.

Resort Development on the Comeback Trail:  Far from the gloomy tone of previous years, lifestyle resort developers at ULI’s 2013 Spring Meeting in San Diego were saying: “Viva Mexico!” and touting the success of developments from Virginia to Montana to Hawaii.

More Capital Coming to U.S. From AbroadInternational capital is moving up the risk curve and coming from new source, according to panelists at ULI’s Spring Meeting in San Diego. New players include Angola, Azerbaijan, and Malaysia, but China, Australia, and Korea continue to play a large role.


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