Freehold Borough TAP

Freehold Borough approached ULI NNJ for assistance with land use issues relating to its downtown area. Based on the questions posed by the Borough, ULI NNJ convened a panel that included professionals with significant experience in redevelopment, economic and fiscal impact analysis, historic preservation, and transit-oriented planning. The panelists also brought expertise in urban parking management and incentive financing arrangements.

Freehold Borough TAP

Main St TourThe Freehold Borough TAP was convened to address two seemingly discrete questions:

• Portions of the downtown are thriving. What steps does the Borough need to take to foster similar success further along Main Street?

• What land use and/or economic strategies should the Borough use to manage future growth responsibly?
After spending time with the Borough’s leaders and reviewing the Borough’s current land use policies, the TAP panelists were not hard-pressed to envision a development scenario for the downtown area that would answer these questions. However, as the panelists explored the dynamics at work in the community more closely, it became clear that it would be a disservice to advocate for a specific development project at this time. Rather, given the breadth and depth of issues on the table, the significant number of passionate stakeholders active within the Borough, and the variety of thoughtful but diverse opinions regarding how to address the Borough’s redevelopment challenges, it was much more important that the Borough undertake a collaborative approach to solving its land use challenges.

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