Young Leaders

ULI NNJ launched the Young Leaders Group (YLG) to foster the involvement of under- 35-year olds and enhance knowledge among the next generation of responsible real estate industry leaders. Today, the YLG is a highly-respected and fully-integrated component of the District Council.

Young Leaders

The goals of YL are to encourage the next generation of real estate professionals to actively participate in ULI to gain exposure to senior industry leaders and to share content-filled ideas and experiences with fellow Young Leaders. The benefits of being a Young Leader include educational opportunities through attendance at and participation in content-based programs and task forces, networking opportunities with peers and senior professionals and reduced dues and program registration fees.

November 2017 Evening with SILVERMAN

Bijou walking tour

September 2012: Hoboken Infill Tour


YL lunch 4 2014

April 2014 Lunch with Eric Witmondt- Woodmont Properties






Dear Member,

Over the past year the Young Leaders of the local Urban Land Institute Chapter has made significant progress by expanding programming and YL involvement in chapter activities. We organized Leadership Breakfast Series events hosted by industry leaders like Ron Ladell of Avalon Bay and Ed Russo of Russo Development, a property tour led by the principals of Fields Development Group in Jersey City and a one-of-a-kind walking tour of Hoboken led by Dean Marchetto a preeminent local architect.YL

We will continue the Leadership Breakfast Series as well as other content oriented activities in the coming year. We also hope to institute a mentorship program providing young leaders an opportunity to team up with and learn from senior professionals.

I would like to invite anyone interested in a greater level of involvement with the Young Leaders Group to email me to discuss how you can participate in planning, organizing and defining the mission of the group. Through an active leadership role in ULI I have been able to make wonderful connections within ULI and with industry leaders as well as to participate in the larger ULI mission in the community.

YLG Group editRegards,
Heather Kumer and Ryan Fraser
YLG C0-chairs